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Sorting Systems

Appcon Engineering can install White International laundry sorting and storage systems in conjunction with PG Systems.

Bag Rail Systems

Appcon Engineering manufacture and install overhead Bagrail systems for the ease of product processing. The product is removed from the washing machines and placed into a container lined with the suspension bag. The trolley is then located in the lifting station and the gate is closed. The operator presses the button and the bag is automatically lifted up and onto the storage rails where it rolls away onto a preselected storage line. When required by the processing operator, the units are released from the storage lines via pneumatic switch and roll to the required position via pneumatically operated gates to the folding hammocks or station. The operator pulls the drawstring at the bottom of the bag and releases the garments into the folding hammock for processing. The trolley is then returned to the loading station via elevator unit and a return line.

The trolley can not be dislodged from the overhead line due to a retaining rail system fitted to the outside of the rail system. This system will maximise floor space by removing product from the floor and using the overhead factory space.

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Folding Hammocks

Appcon Engineering Folding Hammocks are designed to assist in the Laundry industry for the processing of clothing.

The units operate on a simple 240 volt electrical system that simply plug into a standard power outlet.

The hopper has over 1.2 cubic meters holding area for the product processing.

The unit has an internal drive motor that eliminates the need for dangerous drive belts and gears for operator to become entangled in.

The operator simply actuates a duel position toggle switch to feed the product to a safe operating heights eliminating the need for the operator to bend to pick up product. When the operator has emptied the hopper of product the toggle switch is actuated the other way and the hopper automatically lowers to the bottom set position ready for refilling via an overhead railing system or similar.

The unit has infinitely adjustable upper and lower limit switches that can easily be set to individual product requirements. The hopper material is a highly durable PVC coated reinforced polyester. The adjustable Folding table height, offers the operator a range of comfortable operation heights and reduces operator fatigue and work related injuries.

When combined with an overhead bag-rail system, they maximise operational efficiency increasing profits and reducing operator fatigue and injuries.

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White Comp-U-Sort

Automated Comp-U-Sort systems are designed to improve productivity by providing a more efficient means of sorting garments on hangers. Common applications include: high volume industrial laundries, institutional laundries, dry cleaners and retail organisations requiring an automated sorting, storage and retrieval capability.

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White Dispat-U-Veyor

Dispat-U-Veyor is the leader in a basic mechanical sorting conveyor system. With a capacity of handling 1,200 pieces per hour, sorting up to 60 stations, this unique White Conveyors product has a 25 year record of success. A Dispat-U-Veyor system is easily applied in any garment handling operation and can be used in many light item delivery systems.

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Contin-U-Veyor, by White Conveyors, is a durable tubular designed product that is used to transport medium-duty loads. A wide variety of White Conveyors standard components are available to ensure an efficient, durable, custom designed system.

Contin-U-Veyor is ideal for: steam tunnels, garment transport, manufacturing and general material handling.

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